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The Hidden Costs of Unstructured Client Approvals

How Chaotic Approval Processes Freeze Agency Productivity and Revenue

Efficient client approvals are the lifeblood of agency projects. However, when approval processes lack structure, they can grind workflows to a halt, crippling productivity and revenue.

Approval Chaos

Most agencies rely on loose approval workflows pieced together across scattered tools like email and chat. This creates misaligned processes that allow key details and decisions to slip through the cracks.

No oversight means no accountability. Critical feedback gets buried or overlooked. Sign-offs stall or redirect down meandering paths.

Valuable creative time gets cannibalised searching for definitive approvals. Agency productivity and client satisfaction plummet.

The Impact – Frozen Revenue, Fractured Relationships

The high costs of approval chaos manifest in numerous ways:

Delayed Projects – Unofficial nods in place of formal sign-off leave asset delivery and billing up in the air. Cash flow stalls.

Misguided Work – Lack of clear approvals early on allows projects to steer too far off course, forcing painful rework.

Damaged Trust – Missed approvals erode client confidence in account management and quality control.

Lost Value – Dumping creative hours into rote administrative work tracing approvals destroys ROI.


Structured Approval Workflows

To thaw frozen approvals, agencies need built-in workflow processes within centralised work management systems.

Structured approval steps with defined:
  • Reviewers
  • Requirements
  • Sequence
  • Conditional logic

Automated hand-offs and notifications replace chasing clients.

Centralised real-time messaging retains conversations in context.

Detailed audit trails provide accountability and oversight.

The result? Alignment, speed, and productivity surges – with insights to optimise further.

Escape approval purgatory. Bring structure and order to the process so creativity can flow freely once more.


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