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Maximising Project Management Efficiency: A Comparison of Conventional vs Integrated Project Management Systems in a Centralised Digital Workspace

Project management systems (PMS) have become an essential tool for businesses to manage their projects, tasks, and workflows. While traditional PMS like Jira, Monday, and Asana offer comprehensive features for managing projects, they can still be limiting when used in isolation. Traditional PMS may require teams to switch between multiple tools to get their work done, which can lead to inefficiencies and mistakes.


That’s where a Digital Workspace comes in. A Digital Workspace is a platform that integrates all the tools and applications that teams need to work together effectively. It offers a centralised location where team members can collaborate in real-time, share files, and communicate seamlessly. By integrating a PMS into a Digital Workspace, teams can take advantage of all these features to create a more comprehensive project management solution.


There are many PMS available in the market, including Jira, Monday, and Asana, to name a few. These web-based platforms offer comprehensive features that are easy to use for both small and large teams. They are also flexible tools that can be customised to fit the unique needs of each team.


However, an integrated PMS in a Digital Workspace offers many benefits that traditional PMS can’t match. Here are some of the key advantages of using an integrated PMS in a Digital Workspace.


Single Source of Truth

Firstly, with an integrated PMS, teams can benefit from a single source of truth. This means that all team members have access to the same information in real-time, eliminating the need for manual updates and reducing the risk of errors. Documents can be attached and viewed as part of a project/task, and versions can be tracked in real-time.


Seamless Collaboration

Secondly, seamless collaboration is possible with an integrated PMS. Teams can work together seamlessly in a Digital Workspace, regardless of their location. They can share files, discuss ideas, and get feedback in real-time, with everyone using the same application.


Customisable workflows


Thirdly, an integrated PMS can be customised to fit the unique needs of each team and the specific processes they follow to do their work. Workflows can be created, modified, and automated to increase efficiency and productivity. They can also monitor the effectiveness of the workflows they use and tweak them as required to improve efficiency.


Improved visibility

Finally, an integrated PMS in a Digital Workspace offers improved visibility into team activities. A Digital Workspace provides a dashboard view of all activities for both managers and team members, ensuring everyone is aware of where they are and what needs to be done next. This allows managers to have a better understanding of how their team is working and make informed decisions.


In addition to these benefits, when the work is completed, the approved assets such as documents, spreadsheets, images etc will all be auto tagged and added to a Knowledge Hub. This allows all critical content and information to be retained within a centralised Knowledge Hub, allowing only the right people to have access.


While traditional PMS are great tools for managing projects, they can be limiting when used in isolation. An integrated PMS in a Digital Workspace offers a more comprehensive solution that can significantly improve team collaboration, increase efficiency, and provide better visibility into team activities. If you’re looking for a comprehensive project management solution, consider using a PMS that is integrated with a Digital Workspace.


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