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Case Study – Enhancing Global Collaboration Through OmniaTeam’s Digital Workspace

In our hyper-connected world, managing a global organisation requires robust solutions that bridge the gap between diverse teams spread across the planet. Our client, a UK-headquartered NGO that is building a movement of millions of people with international offices in six continents, found itself grappling with these challenges that threatened to stifle its dynamic growth and operational effectiveness. The introduction of OmniaTeam’s unified digital workspace emerged as a great, new innovation, offering a streamlined, efficient, and collaborative environment.


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The organisation operates over a dozen or so locations worldwide, each involved in complex, interdependent projects. The primary challenges included:

  • Cross-Time Zone Collaboration – Synchronising operations and ensuring consistent communication across continents was cumbersome.
  • Information Silos – Each office had its method of data storage, leading to fragmented information reservoirs.
  • Digital Asset Disorganisation – Managing and sharing a variety of digital assets (documents, videos, images) was inefficient, often resulting in redundant efforts and version control nightmares.

Feedback and Approval Delays – The existing systems did not support a streamlined approval process, causing delays and often confusion.

Project and Approval Efficiency

Solution Implementation

The implementation of OmniaTeam provided a singular solution encapsulating Project Management, Workflow Automation, Approval Processes, and Version Control, all centred around a robust Knowledge Hub. This integration was particularly effective due to its compatibility with existing tools such as O365, SharePoint, and Dropbox, ensuring a smooth transition and quick adoption across the board.

Digital Asset Retrieval Time

Features and Benefits

  • Unified Project Management – Facilitated real-time tracking and management of multiple projects, enhancing team accountability and project transparency.
  • Centralised Knowledge Hub – Created a single source of truth for all digital assets, which significantly reduced information redundancy and ensured all teams had access to the latest data.
  • Enhanced Digital Asset Management – The ability to upload, annotate, and edit videos directly within OmniaTeam, including multi-language versions, empowered local teams to tailor content effectively.
  • Streamlined Approval Processes – Simplified and expedited approval mechanisms ensured quicker turnaround times and consistent stakeholder feedback across all levels.


Post-implementation, the organisation reported remarkable improvements in several areas:

  • Productivity Surge – Teams reported over a 30% increase in productivity owing to more efficient project management and reduced time spent on locating and managing digital assets.
  • Enhanced Collaboration – The integration of communication tools with OmniaTeam’s platform led to improved collaboration, with a notable reduction in communication barriers across time zones.
  • Innovation in Asset Management – The video annotation and slice & splice features were particularly cited for their impact on marketing and communication materials, enabling local adaptations without compromising on quality.

Consistent Project Outcomes – With more consistent access to project tools and data, projects were completed on schedule and with higher satisfaction ratings from stakeholders.

Client Testimonial

“The transformative impact of OmniaTeam on our operations has been phenomenal. Not only has it streamlined our workflows, but it has also brought our global teams onto a singular platform where collaboration is not just possible but is perceptible and productive. The ability to manage and customise digital assets at a local level with such ease has been a game-changer for our regional teams,” remarked the Global Multimedia Manager.

Detailed Impact Analysis

Long-term, the organisation noticed an improvement in stakeholder engagement and a shift towards a more collaborative organisational culture, laying a foundation for sustainable growth.


The strategic implementation of OmniaTeam’s digital workspace solution proved invaluable for the client. It not only resolved existing operational inefficiencies but also enhanced global team collaboration and project execution. This case study highlights the vital role of integrated digital workspaces in managing and scaling modern global enterprises efficiently and effectively.

By adopting OmniaTeam, the organisation not only met its immediate collaboration needs but also positioned itself for sustainable long-term growth and innovation in a digitally driven world. The results speak volumes, positioning OmniaTeam as an indispensable solution in the realm of global business management.



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